OsCommerce utilizes a PHP/MySQL/Apache environment and get benefit of an outsized community, various contributions, and a lengthy record of reliability and security. Our OsCommerce Development body is highly trained in this application and can assist with installation, modification, contributions, documentation, new and custom development, and more.

In addition to our e-commerce solutions, At Interactive Media International, we also provide extensive consulting and development services for the open source e-commerce application OsCommerce.

Is your Webstore Unanimous in appearance?
Interactive Media will customize your store front end to replicate your company’s corporate elegance and brand and configure the backend as per user requirement. We take out the hassles of setting up your own OsCommerce online store; we leave your options open and let you decide what is important, setting up your business.

Customized Front-end Solution

We design the look and feel of your store

OsCommerce Features:
* Stock OsCommerce Version Installation, Design Integration, Full Setup
* Enhanced OsCommerce Version Installation, Design Integration, Full Setup
* Administration Enhancements
* Attribute Management
* Customer Management
* Design Services
* Discounts and Gift Certificates
* Internet Marketing
* Order Management
* Performance Monitoring And Optimization
* Product Management
* Reports And Reporting
* Security Enhancements
* Updates, Upgrades, and Bug Fixes
* Payment Modules
* Shipping Modules
* Image Modules