Link Popularity Building

Link Popularity Building, or simply Link building, refers to popularizing a website via sharing/posting its link with/to a website dealing in similar business/specialty. Link Popularity helps a website to gather better search engine credibility as well as get ranked better. For a link-building initiative to be successful, it requires an experienced solution provider with adequate industry and business experience to guide.

Link Popularity Building

As the name suggests, is about building connections. On web, it implies to creating connections with other web identities by getting a link of your site positioned on a website dealing in similar business/service.

The best way to build links is to seek for permanent links on related pages, as this ensures quality incoming traffic from a relative source.

Interactive Media International is a leading SEO service provider and link building company. We offer ethical search engine marketing solutions to e-commerce and web-based companies, helping them promote their businesses on major search engines.


We do text link advertising for our client's websites to boost their online popularity. Our link building services  include industry and localized link promotion solutions (including steps corresponding to posting links on directories and forums as and when it is required by the client).

A specialist in one-way link building, we offer link popularity solutions towards generating good traffic, boost search engine credibility and promote a web identity globally.

Our popularity as a trusted link-building solution provider stems from following points:

    • A strong understanding of current link data standards to maneuver our clients' future efforts based on the current circumstances

    • An efficient methodology of finding out potential link partners

    • A vast data pool comprising list of sites that make for a good linking partner

    • An understanding of what competitors are doing


    • We research and locate your business/service-relevant pages/sites that are indexed by search engines

    • We embark on manual communication with link partners. The steps reasons our excellent rate request conversion rates

We do text link advertising only with the most specific and relative websites and help businesses gain from natural search engine optimization steps.