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Common Tools Used in Augmented Reality

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Anupam Singhal is a software engineer by profession who also holds an MBA, in m
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Augmented reality (AR) is defined as the most sophisticated and contemporary technique to bridge the gap between actual and virtual reality. This technique usually associates an imitation of real world environment with the virtual world whereby the imagery taken from the real world is superimposed or overlaid by computer generated information, thus the digital depiction of the real world imagery is known as augmented reality.

augmented reality tools

The article explores some of the basic tools which are commonly used in the process of augmented reality. These tools have their undeniable significance as they feature commendable efficiency and high interactivity to pave a way of digital expression of the physical world.


Coming in the list of featured tools of AR, Smartphones, especially the intelligent smartphones, play a pivotal role in helping you experience the excellence of AR. These digital gazettes feature AR enabled technology which tend to transmute the physical world data into virtual appearance with additional information superimposed on it. As a user, all you have to do is just to hold on your Smartphone, capture the nearby imagery like building or roadside and see on your screen developing virtual image with information regarding nearby hotel, location, wind direction etc.

Face tracking AR tool

This sort of technology or tool of AR enables your mobile phones and cameras to identify and track a human face. The distinctive feature of the tool is that it can self-adjust color balance, exposure and focus thereby giving you a perfect blend of quality of the picture that you take from real world.

Interactive marketing

Interactive product animation is one of the vital AR tools, used today to give the imagery of physical world a complete virtual immersion. Regardless of the dimension of products, the augmented reality technology or tool can effectively generate 3D animations of the products. The products thus created using 3D animations can be rotated by online users using computer mouse. Thus, the users can comfortably appreciate the products from different angles.

No doubt that with such appealing interactive marketing tool, a company can convincingly boost up customer conversion rate. This sort of technology is gaining widespread popularity as marketers maximize their potentiality to extend the circle of their business.

Virtual Mirror

Virtual mirror is the latest technology that enables online users view latest products available on a website. This 3D technology based tool requires a webcam to work. This interactive technology is also gaining widespread popularity among companies selling eyeglasses and sunglasses to expand the circle of their market into maximum number of customers.

Moreover, the technology is an ideal use for clothing store whereby online users can see themselves trying on a variety of clothing items in mirror-like place on the website of the store. The remarkable feature is that you can also make change to the color and appearance of your cloth using the integrated tool on the website.

Last but not the least, the future of Augmented Reality technology is bright and it is going to bring a revolutionary change about the way we see and perceive the world. The technology is going to make it possible when you will be able to snap photos using your hands!

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