Working with us

We provide a full range of service for your campaigns. Working with us is a breeze. We work with you all the way from ideation phase to publishing and help you in analytics as well, so you can understand your customers better! Here is how we work with you in each phase:


  • Brainstorming & idea development
  • Consultancy


  • Create content
  • Collate assets


  • A / B testing
  • Operations support


  • Marketing / PR
  • Social media


  • Tracking
  • Review of campaign
  • Data analysis

- Why our application?

Our app is highly compatible and efficient application with a powerful AR engine, which can perform all AR application in a jiffy. We believe the existing advertising mediums are to be the passé. With online advertising as the most popular medium at the present, AR is the next big transformation industry is about to brace. Already visible in print and mobile advertising AR is going to transform the advertising industry and subdue all existing mediums.

We build custom and customizable Augmented Reality apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android that elevate marketing campaigns, ignite live events and engage retail app users. Partner with us for experiences that get results, delight customers and defy reality.

-  Image & Object Recognition

We use image-based (2D) or environment and object-based (3D) tracking solutions in our Augmented Reality applications. With multi-threaded tracking and rendering AR performance is up to 7X faster.


What Client Says

Vaibhav S
Date: Nov 21, 2012

This is just a note to thank you personally for assisting my business in our strategic planning initiatives for 2009. I’m impressed in how efficient the service is and how much we’ve benefited in our critical analysis sessions with you. Your personal business insight is refreshing, extremely ...
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