Areal App

World's most powerful Augmented reality Engine

AReal is one of the leading Augmented Reality browsers globally with a unique user interface that enables enhancement of real world objects by embedding the digital information about the object. Areal includes the power of overlaying 2D views and 3D objects with the best possible engagement. AReal lets users plays games in their environment and submit/share their scores online. Using AReal users can browse clothes and other objects with its 360 degree view and place an order with just a click to be delivered right at their doorstep. AReal can detects paintings and overlays the live painting scenario on top of camera feed. AReal location based services help user to locate stores, bars, restaurants, bus/train stations near the user’s current location.

Fit your
A Virtual Fitting Room

FitYour is a customized web application developed with the intention of pampering your fashion-conscious customer with the facility to view themselves in different attires. For shoppers, FitYour works with a computer and a regular webcam. FitYour is very easy and user friendly application for both the retailers and the shoppers. It is the latest marker less technology which uses face recognition technique of Augmented Reality. The application can also provide the MIS report. The application acts as a Virtual Trial Room / Virtual Fitting Room while extending the facility of showing the customer how they would look on wearing the attire they plan to purchase. It engages online shoppers (especially digital natives) like never before, turning what’s currently a shopping process, into an actual shopping experience. FitYour can be used in your showroom / store / shop that offers ready-made attire along with accessories like Tie, Necklace, etc. It allows your prospective customer to view before-hand how they would appear on wearing the selected attire. Click to see live demo

All Meet
Proximity market's

Location based engagements like multiplayer games, chat, LED based interaction are happenning where people are present when they are out to spend their leisure time. We catch them at these locations. All Meet is the best way to engage people in near proximity. User's using All Meet app can engage in gaming, collaborative work, ordering things in restaurants or even answering a poll on LED in front of them. This is the fastest and the most exicting way to ask your brand communicators to get in touch with the world. Every mobile becomes a controller and bridge between your brand and the user. So lets start building this interesting bridge.

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What Client Says

Vishal Dhawan
Date: Nov 26, 2012

IMI provided me with great consulting and project management team. I love how detailed oriented they are and how fast they respond to the changes. I would recommend to any small and medium business as they provide a great value and support.
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