Q. How does Augmented Reality works?

A. Augmented Reality (AR) uses the camera in your smartphone/ tablet to recognize images that we program and return a response. That response could be anything from a simple weblink or video play through to 3D interaction or anything! Your imagination is the limit to it. You can have your customers interact with your brand, sign up and follow your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) or redirect them to the site after the user interaction where they can buy your product. It is really limitless to what can be done really!

Q. How do I use your app?

A. We provide multiple options when it comes to using the AR app. We can make a custom app for your brand or you can use our app to use the augmented reality. Once the app opens, hold it up and scan the image/logo, article label or anything you want it to recognize. You will see the magic:) right away. Based on the campaign, it can be used to promote the socially as well.

Q. How do I know the image is scannable for AR?

A. Look at the bottom of the image/logo, ad, article and it will have either your brand app icon or ours AR brand icon. Once you see that, you would know this article/image is ready for AR. It can be used for direct mail campaigns, in newspapers, magazines, shops, billboards or on your favourite products... Anywhere! You decide how and how much you want to interact with your customers.

Q. It's not working! Why?

A. There could be several reasons. One major reason might be that the correct image isn’t being programmed for AR. Check what exactly needs to be scanned (the whole ad, a logo, an element on the page or the whole page?) and ensure you are scanning the right image/logo. If nothing happens, move camera off the image and back again. Ensure that there is no light reflecting off the image. Check regularly for app updates to ensure you have the latest, most optimized version of the app.

Some phones are not compatible due to slower processing speeds, or poorer camera resolutions. We are continually working to optimize the app for as many devices as possible.

Q. Does it work underground or without 3G connectivity or WiFi?

A. No. The application requires a 3G, 4G or WiFi connection to be downloaded (as with any app), and also for unique AR content to appear. If you are having difficulty with app, check your connection and try testing out other apps on your phone to see if they are working properly.

Q. What is the technology behind it?

A. It consists of two things: ‘markerless image recognition’ and augmented reality. ‘Markerless image recognition’ does exactly as the name implies. It recognizes products, images and graphics themselves, without the need for a barcode, QR code or other visible stamp. It then uses the app to associate that image or graphic and triggers a pre-programmed response on the device. This response could be anything that a smart device is capable of doing – from dialing a number, displaying a web-link, playing a video, launching an interactive game or competition, providing GPS-enabled directions, downloading a PDF product guide, a virtual product trial, etc. – the implications are restricted only by imagination (and the functionality of the device!).

Augmented reality is more than a 3D dinosaur jumping out of a poster. It is one content-format and application of the image recognition technology. It uses your phone’s camera to enable interactive content to appear as if ‘in’ the world, overlaying or enhancing the original image – so you see it on your screen as if it’s part of the real world.

Q. Can I create my branded AR app?

A. Yes, of course. We recognize that there is a strong need to distinguish the brand and stronger brands are looking to have their own brand image AR. Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.



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