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Augmented Reality & Sales Strategy

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Anupam Singhal is a software engineer by profession who also holds an MBA, in m
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By permitting the technology of Augmented Reality to do what it does best, budgetary investment in AR is justified and straight-forward, as it has the ability to influence multiple viewpoints of a sales process.

The flow chart below displays processes that are related to the sales strategy and also indicates how and where marketing technologies (Augmented Reality)are integrated in supporting such activities:

augmented reality and sales strategy


Demand Generation

Sales Strategy


Lead Qualification

Process: Demand Generation

A vital element to any sales process is, of course, customer acquisition. From a general perspective, a customer usually has a particular need, a problem or may want to take advantage of an available opportunity. And to ensure a client comes to a conclusion regarding their choice of the right service or product, marketing and sales content exists to facilitate this process.

Augmented Reality can help potential clients seek the right answers when used with the usual marketing techniques.

Though a major attention-grabbing technology, AR has more to it than just the ‘hype’ factor – it’s one of the most potent sources of non-verbal communication which any business can use to bring about product demand.

Process: Lead Qualification

During the initial sales stages, qualification is almost always the most resource-demanding element. Taking the wrong route can be financially stressful and time-consuming for any company, Therefore, it is vital to streamline this process, with the utmost importance give to it by most company executives.

Augmented Reality is used in this stage to determine what a consumer’s needs are.  By understanding what a customer wants and simultaneously qualifying the lead, management will be able to supply them with the right sales team. Similarly, goods and services can be customized in that respect.

A primary advantage when using AR is its core ability in maintaining the consumer’s interest. It can be performed upon the initial introduction, the sales demonstration, pitch or even the final presentation. An engagement with powerful clarity makes your competitor’s task more difficult.

By continually developing a consumer’s interactivity with a product or service through technology, companies can acquire a term known as‘mass intelligence’. In a word, mass intelligence is the consumer activity that’s recorded as they engage with a product’s augmentation presentation. The data is then analyzed to establish what’s interesting and what isn’t in relation to a certain offering. Having the ability to determine where exactly the general audience’s interests and interactions lie gives corporations the required blueprint to facilitate easy and clear communication with the target market in every stage. This is way more efficient than what could be achieved using a website or brochure.

Process: Propositioning

Essential in capturing the attention of and initializing a prosperous relationship with a potential client is the creation of a unique proposal that is appealing and mesmerizing, especially in the B2B space. Using augmented reality to bring products to life allows companies to clinically demonstrate their offerings much better than a PowerPoint presentation.A common term understood among many professionals is ‘Death by PowerPoint’ – AR disintegrates boredom factor that usually comes with such presentation methods.

Augmented reality truly excels in circumstances where a salesperson isn’t available to offer a one-on-one solution; this happens especially during the tendering process. Tender documents are intentionally created by procurement departments to be text-rich in order to appear in-line when placed next to the competition. By placing the actual solution in the potential client’s hands, AR allows a company to be unique and this makes it speak volumes during sales’ situations of this type and is a brilliant style in bringing about the main proposal.

Process: Delivery

Most businesses possess a different delivery stage, but B2B corporations, the process only starts once a potential client has been actually been acquired. This stage of acquisition is the initial period of what is hoped to be a long term relationship which will often include a couple of delivery phases added on with multiple project milestones.

Most visualizations that are brought in to support current project developments could be realized via augmented reality. When a customer can view, interact and feel with the company’s vision through this media technology, it naturally coerces the client to a buy-in. Businesses that bring their visions to life through the use of AR technology help to deepen the clarity of the customer-company relationship by ensuring the company clinically and efficiently manages its client’s demands.

Finally, once the sale is made, the retailers set off another journey with their customers. The main goals in the retail business are to establish a company’s brand and encourage consumer loyalty, ensuring they continue to use the company’s services. In this field, it is also conventional to take advantage of side-selling and up-selling situations, not to mention sending enticement to generate continual visits. Augmented reality can be put in place to back up these activities.

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