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Augmented Reality – The Technology Of Future

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Anupam Singhal is a software engineer by profession who also holds an MBA, in m
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Followed by the launch of Google glass, augmented reality is considered one of the most sought-after topics of the current days. Believing to be the technology of future, this technology is maximized by the users of Smartphones that run on Android applications.

Before we move further with the technology, let us define it.

Augmented reality is defined as a technology which introduces tangible visualization of real world environments.

Augmented reality is defined as a technology which introduces tangible visualization of real world environments.  This means, the contents or inputs of the physical environment are augmented using the computer generated sensory contents/inputs such as GPS data, sound, graphics and video etc. If it is to be defined in another context, we mean AR as a technology which bridges the gap between physical and virtual world so that we perceive augmented version of real world.

One of the common examples that substantiate the existence of augmented reality technology is the football match at TV whereby we witness yellow line drawn in the middle of field to show an underlying message related to the players of the sport. You may have noticed that the yellow line is actually not a part of the actual sport being played in the field, but rather is an imaginary line created by augmented reality technique.

If asked about one of the benefited sectors from augmented reality, the mobile development sector is one of them. Considering that AR technology is gaining widespread fame all over the globe whereby countless business companies and firms are maximizing the potentiality of the software, the mobile developing companies are intrigued to make the most of the technique for the immersion of real world environment. The known technique that they adopt is to superimpose the inputs of physical world environment in real time.

It is an accepted wisdom that the images taken from the physical world differ from the virtual ones augmented by computer generated sensory inputs such as video, audio, graphics and GPS based location. Having said that, AR mechanism helps us a long way to distinguish between real and virtual perception. Moreover, it produces very composite view by replacing the physical world with a simulated one. Technically speaking, this is the semantic version of the environmental contents in real-time fashion.

One must have Smartphone or device supporting the mechanism of AR. Usually on camera of smartphones enabled by AR, the images of real world environments are digitally modified using sophisticated Augmented Reality mechanism. This includes addition of object recognition and computer vision to finally overlay virtual information on real world.

Augmented Reality technology introduces its gradual but effective penetration into global market and is considered one of the most sought after technologies that can change boost the productivity of business and it will enlighten people like never before.

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Anupam Singhal is a software engineer by profession who also holds an MBA, in marketing. He has almost 15 years of experience in software development, project management, business intelligence, marketing, promotions, and advertising. Anupam is a serial entrepreneur and proved his entrepreneurial instincts by founding software focused company and his latest venture, a social networking platform called Mr. Singhal compares Flaash .com to of the business professional world, as it serves the same professional networking platform for models, actors, singers, dancers, and artists.


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