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Augmented Reality Examples – Illustrating Augmented Reality Technology

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Augmented reality examples are a plenty which collectively define technical virtuosity of the technology.

To state it further, let’s define the term ‘augmented reality’ to lend more credence on the article.

What is augmented reality?    Augmented Reality examples

From most of the reliable web sources, including Wikipedia, augmented reality is defined as a technique that modifies a view of reality using a computer. In more ways, this is technically called a process of enhancing view of real world environment with virtual one in which the sensory perception of the latter is augmented or modified by the computer technology. Hence, it is basically a technique transmuting real world environment into its digital manifestation.

How does it differ from virtual reality?

It differs from virtual reality in various aspects:                                                                         One of the most important differences between Augmented and virtual reality is that the previous doesn’t simulate real world environment except superimposing information on it. The latter does the same, i.e. it simulates real world environment.

Generally what we know of virtual reality is something that exists in computer or the mind of people. Having said that, virtual reality is the subjective term of augmented reality that augments or enhances reality by overlaying infoon source.

By that explanation, we churn out the fact that augmented reality is the semantic representation of virtual reality. Semantic stands for contexts or texts here.

If defined in mathematical terms,virtual reality consists 75% of virtual ingredients and 25% realityingredients while AR consists the opposite of it (75% reality + 25% virtual).

To clarify further, if certain stuffs placed in a virtual cylinder, we call it virtual reality presentation, but if the virtual stuffs are placed inside a real cylinder, it is called AR.

Why?Because AR is the technique of overlaying information onto real world things.

Augmented reality exemplified –

Alive app, which was developed by leading Indian Augmented Reality Company –  IMI, is one of the best Augmented Reality examples.

This app was developed by IMI and it created an unprecedented fervour among app enthusiasts in India. This wonderful AR enlivens any static object or data from real world onto the screen of a smartphone.

Users need to hold his smartphone’s camera for seconds over a static object, let the app scans the object, very soon the user has live visual of the static object on the screen of the phone.

Fityour can also be interpreted as one of the best AR examples. This is web based augmented reality application called virtual fitting room. It allows online shoppers try on a variety of garments without actually having to try them on.

Means, using one’s computer’s webcam, the shopper can visit a garment store and check particular attires easily.

From Layar browser to WikiTude and other augmented reality examples, the world experiences growth of such innovative technologies with each passing days. In future, we have the world augmented by the use of these technologies.

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