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Anupam Singhal is a software engineer by profession who also holds an MBA, in m
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Because of the growth of cell phones and technology, AR has become a full-on technique used to interact with clients and provide a fun retail shop purchasing and fun experience.

For brands in retail, entertainment and marketing, AR is a very powerful selling feature because it is a unique way to create conventional advertising more entertaining and interesting and is an easy way to feature valuable product and item content without attaching up display space. In just three simple, AR can come with the item details, giving clients a unforgettable purchasing experience:

  • The customer surf a mobile phone camera over product packet or bill board
  • The customer points the marking on the package
  • The customer has access to item details in a new and entertaining format.

According to the “Mobile Augmented Reality” review by Juniper Analysis, the installation of cellular augmented reality applications in mobile phones and tabs is expected to reach 2.5 billion dollars per season by 2017. That is 3.5 times the number of installing documented by Upset Parrots this year. Needlessly to say, the review also stated that retail shop and enjoyment will drive adopting.

“Adding AR to a journal and motivating visitors to obtain and try it is a fantastic way of teaching customers about what AR can offer them, but we will not see an surge in user numbers until major retail shop manufacturers accept and embrace AR in their own applications,” said Currently Burns, research specialist, Juniper Analysis.

AR has yet to create a large sprinkle within the enjoyment and retail shop industry, but it is time is coming. IBM recently declared an augmented reality app for shops wherein customers can create their own information of functions that matter the most to them. Then, as a consumer browses the shelves, they can factor the cell cellphone camera at products to see info such as ingredients, cost, reviews, and discount rates that apply that day. For example, you could tell the application that you want a cereal products that are low in fat or high on proteins, highly recommended by customers and  low cost product. When you pan a display of cereal products bins the app revels which cereal products meet the requirements. Without a question, this type of app (based on augmented reality) is another way to help manufacturers understand their devoted clients better, and in a non-intrusive way.

This is a fantastic example of not only interesting in an awesome way with customers, but including public networking into the AR technique so that the grocer’s clients can discuss the fun with their buddies, creating a popular effect for the marketing technique.

My Preferred Augmented Reality Apps:

It will be very interesting to see how suppliers, manufacturers and entertainment companies will use AR to interact with their clients in fun and interesting ways. I have no question that by now next season, every single person will be very familiar with the term augmented reality! Until then, see below for a few of the best AR apps that are hitting the market right now:

IKEA Virtual App– In a cost-savings move, the Remedial furniture massive has turned its conventional catalogue into an online one, complete with AR and 3-D design. iOS and Android operating system users who obtain the Ikea catalog app, will be able to discover movie functions, entertaining encounters with items on the page, exhibits and additional designing motivation.New Wal-mart Interactive Store Signs – As part of a way of Nickelodeon’s new Young Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series, Wal-mart has released an AR appthat lets clients communicate with in-store signage.

Alive App - As in India, Times of India start off with this amazing Print augmented Reality App for its readers, powered by IMI. Here print media has worked out with digital media and engrossed consumers through Alive app, while playing videos out of printed stuff.

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Anupam Singhal is a software engineer by profession who also holds an MBA, in marketing. He has almost 15 years of experience in software development, project management, business intelligence, marketing, promotions, and advertising. Anupam is a serial entrepreneur and proved his entrepreneurial instincts by founding software focused company and his latest venture, a social networking platform called Mr. Singhal compares Flaash .com to of the business professional world, as it serves the same professional networking platform for models, actors, singers, dancers, and artists.


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